My Goal


Inspection process

When you hire me to do an inspection, I will  provide you with accurate information about the house.  
I will do this by using the following guidelines:

1. Observation- I will make observations of the systems and components of the dwelling and identify the things I think need attention.

2. Concern- I will state why I have identified these things and explain the problems and possible consequences associated with them. 

3. Action- I will give you my recommendations for either correcting the problems or further investigating the issues.  My recommendations may include referral to qualified professionals of your choosing for review and repair.

A complete written report with pictures will be included and you are welcome and encouraged to be present during the inspection. In my opinion, having you there in person is the best way to communicate the important issues.

I will perform these tasks in accordance with both the ASHI and the State of Maryland Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.  You can see these standards by clicking the Standards & Ethics button below.