Radon q & A


Radon Q & A

Q:  Have scientists concluded that radon causes health problems?

A:  Some scientists have concluded that causes health problems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The American Lung Association and the American Medical Association, have concluded that radon in air causes thousands of lung cancer deaths every year. They also conclude smokers have higher risk of getting cancer when combined with exposure to elevated radon levels.

Q:  Whats the cost of a radon test and how long does it take?

A:  There are different kinds of testing procedures and different costs and time requirements.  Professional measurement companies can provide short term results in  48 hours and typically cost  about $150. Do it yourself test kits are also available for less money but care must be taken to do the test correctly.

Q:  If my home has high radon, can it be fixed?

A:  Yes. Mitigating radon, if professionally done is reliable.  In most cases the method is not that complicated. It’s a combination of sealing some areas and ventilating others. If your home needs to be mitigated for radon,  it is recommends that you contact a qualified professionals such as ones found at this site.  


Q:  Can different types of homes have different affects on the radon levels?

A:  Different home types can influence the level of indoor radon.  Radon can still be a problem in any home.   The local geology is the main factor. The factor relates to how much uranium deposits  are under or around the home. 

Q:  Is radon a problem in all parts of the country?

A:  Radon concentration will vary in different areas.  Some areas have high radon.  To be sure you do not have a radon problem, have the home tested.

Q:  If my neighbors home was tested and the radon was low, would the radon in my home also be low?

A:  A test done on a neighbors house should not be used to determine radon level in your home. Each home can be different and each home needs its own test.

Q:  Can high radon complicate the sale of the home?

A:  Fixing radon problems is most often easy.  Decisions on  to buy or not buy a home based only on its radon level might be misguided.

Q:  I have lived in my home for many years. Should I test it for radon now?

A:  Hi radon can cause health problems at any time. Regardless of how long you have lived in your home, lowering radon levels will reduce the risks to your health.